Discounted Model Appliances Will Save Money

If you can find a discounted appliance in an online or a physical store, you will definitely save money. Sources of discounted appliance are:

  • Floor model: Appliance stores put appliances for display when they receive new models. As they receive newer models, they put the floor or display model on sale.
  • Returned Appliance: Sometimes customers buy appliances and they return them after using a short period of time. Many circumstances may force a customer to return good appliances, new job in another state, change of financial situation etc. are some of the causes. Stores put these types of appliances on sale at highly discounted price.
  • Minor damage during delivery: Some customers return appliances if they find any type of damage after the delivery. In general, minor damages may occur during handling or delivery of the appliance. The stores sell these types of appliances at discounted price.
  • Last Year’s Model: Sometimes stores can not sell all the appliances before they receive New Year’s model. The stores discount those appliances for quick sell.
  • Scratch-and-dent appliance store: Some brand new appliances get physically damaged during delivery. If the damage is too much that stores can not put them in store for selling in the store, they put them in the warehouse. Ask your local appliance stores like Sears, Wal-Mart, and Costco if they have a warehouse in your area. If you contact the warehouse for discounted appliance, they may get lucky in finding a brand new appliance at as much as 50 percent discount. If dents do not bother you, you will save a lot of money. Research for the price to find how much you will be saving before you buy it.
  • Appliance Smart: Appliance Smart is a company that sells appliances at discount prices. You can find information online about their locations. As of this writing they have stores in Georgia, Minnesota, Ohio, and Texas.

If you can locate a new or one year old model at a discounted price, buying it will save you a lot of money. You will have you do some research to find how much money you are saving.

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