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Use Cold Water for Washing Clothes and Save Money

Modern washing machines and soap do a very good job in washing closes even if you use cold water. When you use hot water to wash clothes, 85 percent of energy cost is for the hot water. According to the

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Saving Money by Storing Food in a Deep Freezer

Buying cheap will always save you money. Buy an energy efficient freezer and install it in a convenient place. Fill the freezer with cheap foods. You can use the following methods for buying cheap food. Look for sales on vegetables,

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Use Washing Machine or Dishwasher with Full Load and Save Money

If you load your dishwasher or washing machine at a particular load (small, medium, large, etc) and do not put enough dishes or clothes in the machine, you will use the same amount of energy as if you are using

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Saving Money by Drying Clothes in Natural Heat

It may cost you between 40 to sixty cents to dry one single load of clothes. If you can avoid using dryer, you will save 50 cents on average for each load. As you know a penny saved is a

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