Prevent Heat From Escaping Oven And Save Money

Most of your recipes will dictate that you cook food at a constant temperature. Whenever you open your oven to check the doneness of your food, you loose significant amount of heat. When you close the oven door again, it takes time for the temperature to reach at the desired level. Because you are loosing heat during opening of oven door, the cooking time will be extended and more energy will be used. The extra energy used will cost you more money than usual. You can take the following steps to avoid loosing heat and ultimately save money.

  • Follow recipe correctly. Carefully note how long it will take to cook your food.
  • Set timer in your oven for the time period prescribed by the recipe.
  • Use a meat thermometer to measure the doneness of your food. Some food items specified the temperature at which the food is fully cooked.
  • Check doneness of your food by visually looking through the glass window of your oven. You may keep the light ON inside the oven or temporarily turn it on.
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