Saving Money by Drying Clothes in Natural Heat

It may cost you between 40 to sixty cents to dry one single load of clothes. If you can avoid using dryer, you will save 50 cents on average for each load. As you know a penny saved is a penny earned. Depending on how many times you use your dryer to dry clothes, you should be able to easily calculate how much money you will save over a period of time.

Here are some ways of drying clothes using natural heat.

  • Use a clothesline: You can make a clothesline by tying a long rope horizontally to two poles. This can be done in an open space, in a room or a patio. Hang the clothes on the clothesline by using hangers or cloth clips. The amount of air flow and sunlight determines how quickly the clothes will dry.
  • Use heat in your car: If you live in an area where temperature is very high, you can hang clothes inside your car to dry them quickly. The temperature inside a car can be more than twice what you can measure outside. This gives you an opportunity to dry clothes for free. Just remember that you need to keep some opening above your windows for the moisture from clothes to escape.
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