Use Washing Machine or Dishwasher with Full Load and Save Money

If you load your dishwasher or washing machine at a particular load (small, medium, large, etc) and do not put enough dishes or clothes in the machine, you will use the same amount of energy as if you are using full load. Your machine’s timer will think that it needs to use same amount of water and energy as it would do for a full load. Using fewer dishes or clothes will definitely increase the number of loads that you have to run to meet your washing needs.

Here are some ways of avoiding washing partial load and save money:

  • If you have very few dishes or clothes and you can not wait until you will have full load, hand wash and air dry them.
  • Do washing when you have full load of dishes or clothes.
  • Develop a schedule (weekly, monthly, etc) for washing tasks. Every family can come up with a schedule after a certain period of time by watching carefully the number of dishes or clothes accumulated for washing.

If you follow the steps above, we believe that the number of loads will go down and you will use less energy and water (plus time). This practice will definitely save you significant amount of money.

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