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How to Save Money by Using Easy Steps in Your Car

You can take some non-technical easy steps to save gas and increase the life of your car. Here are the steps: Reduce load: Unload unnecessary stuffs from your car. Your car will use more gas as you put more weight

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Save Money in Buying Home Insurance

Almost every homeowner in USA buys home insurance. There are a lot of companies who offer homeowners insurance policy. Here are some steps that you can use to save money on your homeowner insurance:   Increase deductible: If you raise

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Saving Money by Rejecting Cell Phone Insurance or Warranty

Cell phone insurance is a waste of your money in most of the cases.  You should avoid getting cell phone insurance for the following reasons. High insurance cost: A cell phone may cost you from $20 to $500. The insurance

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Buy Reliable Appliance and Save Money

A reliable appliance means it will break fewer times and last long. Here are some ways you can find how reliable an appliance is. Consumer reports: You can find the reliability information in hard copies of consumer reports or online

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