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Save Money in Buying Auto Insurance

You can save money if you take some easy steps before you buy insurance for your car. Here are some items you may consider to get a good deal: Combine auto and home insurance: If you combine your auto and

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Complete Your Degree Early and Save Money

In general, we think that we should spend four years to get an undergraduate, two years for a masters and four years for a post-doctoral degree. However, your degree is not dependent on how many years you stay in the

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Save Money By Using Fewer Cars

In developed countries like America, every family member tends to buy a car. You should be able to live with fewer cars through proper planning. Here are some ways you will be able to meet your car needs with fewer

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ENERGYSTAR Certified Appliance Will Save You Money

Energy efficiency is one of the most important factors that you need to consider while deciding to buy an appliance. As you know appliances are for long-term use. A reliable appliance may last at least ten years. According to ENERGY

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How to Avoid Paying Verizon’s Convenience Fee

    Verizon wireless will charge a convenience fee of two dollars if a customer makes single bill payments over the phone or online. This fee will be effective on January 15, 2012. According to Verizon’s statement, you can avoid

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Saving Money by Buying Generic Grocery Items

In general, the generic store brand grocery items will be cheaper than the name brand. Here are some ways for locating generic items and saving money: Ask store employees for generic: Ask your grocery store employees if a generic or

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