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10 Ways of Getting More Mileage Out of Same Amount of Gas

Gas prices are going up every week. With this increase in price of gas the prices of other things are going up. However, our income is not going up proportionally. This forces us to save money if possible.  Here are

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How Cosigning for Auto Loan May Affect Your Credit Score

Do you ever wonder if you should cosign for an auto loan or not? What impact will it have on your credit score? It appears that the cosigning for an auto loan may have good or bad impact on your

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How to Get Free Auto Insurance Claim Report for Your Car

What is a C.L.U.E.  report?  It stands for Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange report.  It is basically a auto insurance claim history report. This report includes a seven year history of losses associated to an insured property such as a car

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10 Hidden Discounts on Auto Insurance

In general, your insurance agent may not voluntarily offer you the following discounts. You should always ask for discounts to save money. Mileage discount:  Ask your insurance company if you qualify. They will ask you your yearly driving mileage. Safe

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Save Money By Using Fewer Cars

In developed countries like America, every family member tends to buy a car. You should be able to live with fewer cars through proper planning. Here are some ways you will be able to meet your car needs with fewer

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How to Save Money by Using Easy Steps in Your Car

You can take some non-technical easy steps to save gas and increase the life of your car. Here are the steps: Reduce load: Unload unnecessary stuffs from your car. Your car will use more gas as you put more weight

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