10 Ways of Getting More Mileage Out of Same Amount of Gas

Gas prices are going up every week. With this increase in price of gas the prices of other things are going up. However, our income is not going up proportionally. This forces us to save money if possible.  Here are 10 items that will save you money in driving your car.

  • Remove unnecessary items from car: A lighter car will help you in getting more mileage than a heavier car. So, make your car lighter by removing junk from your car.
  • Reduce air friction: If you drive against the wind direction, or drive with windows open, or drive a dirty car, the air friction on the car increases and reduces the performance of your vehicle.  This will increase the mileage that you get per gallon of gas.
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  • Same Speed: If your car speed remains almost constant during your driving, you will get high performance on your vehicle and more mileage per gallon of gasoline.
  • Smooth driving: Sudden acceleration or deceleration of your car will reduce miles per gallon of gas. Too much breaking or speeding up leads to lower efficiency of your car. Avoid all possible activities that lead to aggressive driving.
  • Avoid idling: Idling your car will use relatively more gas than usual. So, avoid idling at all cost to more miles from gas.
  • Proper tire pressure: Keep tire of your car properly inflated so get higher miles from same amount of gas. Follow tire manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Timely maintenance: If you maintain your car as recommended by the car manufacturer, you will get more mileage.
  • Use fewer accessories: Using less radio, TV and other electronics in your car will increase your gas mileage. The car uses gas to produce electricity to run electronics in the car.
  •  Avoid using air conditioning: Air conditioning uses a significant amount of gas.  If possible, avoid using air conditioning to improve gas mileage of your vehicle.
  • Avoid using heater: You will be able to increase miles per gallon of gas if you avoid or use the heater for the least amount of time.

If you use the suggested items mentioned above in your driving, you will be able to drive more miles using the same amount of gas in your car. This will significant amount of money.

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