Avoid Extended Warranty or Contract for Cars and Save Money

Almost all sales persons are trained in selling unnecessary items such as extended warranty. They normally will try their best to sell you services you will never need to use. If you buy reliable cars, you will not have to think about having extended warranty. When the dealer tries to sell this unnecessary item to you, do the following to save money:

  • Ask about company warranty: Get written warranty information provided by the car makers (GM, Toyota, Honda, Ford, etc).
  • Say NO to Extended Warranty: Politely avoid all sell attempts for extended contract or warranty.
  • Buy cheaper warranty: In general, you do not need to buy extended warranty or contract. If you think that you will like to have extended warranty, research in the internet for low cost extended warranty. Warranty direct is a good site to start your search. Be careful, there are many bad warranty sellers in the internet. You should study the customer reviews about the company you decide to buy warranty from. If you do this research before you go to the dealer, you will be empowered with reliable information in deciding where to buy extended contract or warranty.

If you do your homework before buying a car, you will save money. This will also give you peace of mind when you get your new car.

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