Buy Reliable Cars and Save Money

A reliable car means it will break fewer times and last long. Here are some ways you can find how reliable a car is.


  • Consumer reports: You can find the reliability information in hard copies of consumer reports or online versions.
  • Asking honest repair person: If you know an honest car repair mechanic, ask him which models he fixes most of the times. This information will give you credible information that you can use.
  • Kelley blue book is a good source for finding reliable prices of cars.
  • This website is a good resource for researching car information. You should visit this site for car related information.
  • Internet Search: Do Google or other search engine searches using relevant key words such as “reliability for [your model number goes here]”, “[your model number goes here]”, “repair history [your model number goes here]” or similar key words.

After you complete your study on reliability, you should have a clear idea which make and model car will be the most reliable.

You may have to pay a little bit more for a reliable car. It is OK. You may know that repair cost of cars is very high. Depending on your specific car, a single repair instance may cost you at least 100 to 3000 dollars.

If you buy a reliable car, you will have no or fewer repair instances. Over the long run, it will save you money.

Remember, a car’s main function is to take you from point A to point B. Currently, cars come with some additional features like DVD, GPS, temperature monitoring system, and many more. You should not focus on these extra features, if they work perfectly, and the car does not drive, they will not help you in your transportation needs. Consider, these extra features as nice to have, not the absolute necessity. Focus on reliability.

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