How to Save Money in Fixing Your Car

Car repair should be among the lists of household items we must consider. Many of us need to pay for car repairs once in a while. Since car fixing is almost a must event that will come today or tomorrow, getting prepared is a must if you want to save money. Here are some ways you can properly get ready for your next car repair work.

  • DIY: If you are technologically inclined, you should be able to learn certain easy maintenance or repair jobs needed for your car. Oil change, fixing brakes, changing filters, changing transmission fluid are some of the things that you can try to learn and do. Working on your car will definitely save money. This knowledge will also save you from dishonest mechanics. Remember, knowledge is always power.
  • Know reliable and honest mechanic: Talk to your friends and try to locate a reliable and honest mechanic. Establish a relationship by visiting him for your regular maintenance work. This will enable you to locate a trustworthy repair person whom you may need in the future.
  • Shop around: When you need a repair work done on your car, get estimates from at least three repair shops. This information will guide you in choosing the right repair shop and save you money.
  • Warranty information: If your car is under warranty, call your dealer to find if they will honor the warranty. You may contact your trusted repair shops and ask if they will accept your warranty. This research will enable you in finding the repair shop that will repair your car for free or reduced cost (depends on the type of warranty).
  • Avoid dealers for repair: Dealer repair shops are very costly for repair jobs. If you can find a non-dealer repair shop, you will save money in fixing your car.
  • Protect your repair payment: Pay for the repair work using a credit card. Almost all credit cards have protection against any bad service from any business entity. You can get your money back if you do not receive a satisfactory service from a repair shop. Remember to contact your credit card company within two billing cycles (depends on credit card company, know proper terms and conditions from your credit card company).

If you follow the steps explained above, we think that you will save a significant amount of money in repairing your car.

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