How to Save Money by Using Easy Steps in Your Car

You can take some non-technical easy steps to save gas and increase the life of your car. Here are the steps:

  • Reduce load: Unload unnecessary stuffs from your car. Your car will use more gas as you put more weight on the car. You may have seen that the smaller cars use lower amount of gas. This is due to the fact that smaller cars are lighter.
  • Gas cap: After each fill up, make sure that the gas cap is tighten fully. A loose cap will accelerate the loss of gas from the gas tank due to evaporation.
  • Avoid unnecessary braking: Each braking incident will cost you some extra gas and reduce brake pad’s lifespan. So, minimize braking as much as possible.
  • Fill up correctly: Do not fill up your gas tank to the fullest. This allows gas to escape from the tank quickly.
  • Avoid excessive use of AC or Heater: Keep using your air conditioning or heating at the minimum. These units in the car use a significant amount of energy.
  • Use alternate transportation: If possible, use alternative transportation methods such as carpool, bus, bicycle, walking, etc. This will reduce use of gas and increase the life of your car.
  • Avoid frequent acceleration/deceleration: If you can avoid excessive speeding up and speeding down, it helps in saving gas and increases the life of different components of your car (e.g., engine, transmission, brakes, etc). You can use cruise control to avoid excessive speed changes.
  • Proper tire and tire air pressure: Tire should be in good condition in terms of threads and air pressure for efficient operation of the car. Get your tires checked and keep them maintained as recommended by the manufacturer and your trusted car mechanics. You can look in the user’s manual for detailed information about specified air pressure and threading for your tires.

If you follow the steps above, we believe that you will save significant amount of gas and lifespan of your car. This will ultimately save you significant amount of money.


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