Save Money Buying Cheaper Gas for Running Your Car

Every car maker recommends owners to use right type of fuel in the car. The owners manual will generally have this information. Many of us believe that our car will run for a long time if we just use high cost high-octane gas. This idea is incorrect. Every car engine is made to run optimally if a specific type of gasoline is used. Using high-octane gas may not be beneficial to your car’s performance, it may waste you money. Here are some steps you can follow to save money just buying cheaper fuel.


  • Consult owner’s manual and find what grade (octane-level) of gas is recommended for your car.
  • Look for cheaper gas stations along the roadside you normally drive. Buy gas at the cheaper gas station.
  • Keep an eye on the gas prices, whenever you get a good deal, fill up your car. Do not drive extra miles to get cheaper gas. If you drive a long way just to buy cheaper fuel, your final actual gas cost may be higher than you will pay in your area.
  • Always buy the correct type of gas recommended for your car.


If you follow the steps given above, you will save significant amount of money in running your car. Here is an example that will show you how buying cheaper gas saves you money. Suppose you drive 12,000 miles a year and your car drives 20 miles per gallon. To drive 12,000 miles you need 600 gallons of gas. If you save 25 cents for each gallon, you will save 150 dollars every year. This amount may not be significant to you if you just think of one year. Over 10 years, it will sum up to 1500 dollars which is significant.

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