10 Best Cities for Job Opportunity in 2013

If you are looking for jobs in 2013, you must be wondering which cities you need to focus on. According to Forbes and Adecco staffing, the 10 best cities for jobs seekers are the following:

  • Bethesda, Maryland, Metro:  The unemployment rate in this city is about 5.2%.  Accounting, food service, hospitality, and specialty trade are in demand.  Hospitality, construction, and healthcare are at the top in terms of hiring.
  • Austin, Texas:  The unemployment rate of Austin, Texas is about 5.3%.  There are many hospitals and high-tech companies in and around this city. Healthcare, software, and gaming are the top areas of hiring in Austin.
  • Jacksonville, Florida:  Jacksonville’s unemployment rate is about 6.5%.  Administration, call center, food service, and hospitality are in demand.  The top hiring entities do business in information technology, education and healthcare.
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan: The unemployment rate of Grand Rapids is about 6.6%.  Information technology, manufacturing, administration, and skilled trades are in demand.  Healthcare, financial services, skilled labor, education, information technology, and engineering are the main business of the top employers.
  • Columbus, Ohio:  The unemployment rate of Columbus is about 6.4%.  Skilled trades, technology, and healthcare are in demand.  Skilled labor, administration and assembly production are the main business of the top employers.
  • Seattle, Washington:  This city has an unemployment rate of 5.5%.  Engineering, assembling, and administration are in demand.  Organizations in manufacturing, education and health services hire the most.
  • Phoenix, Arizona:  Phoenix has an unemployment rate of 6.7%.  Skills in food and retail distribution, customer service, and administration are in demand.  Top hiring businesses are in the areas of leisure and hospitality, construction, and financial services.
  • New York, New York:  The unemployment rate of New York is about 8.9%.   Skills in business analysis, auditing, and financial administrative support are in demand.
  • Richmond, Virginia:  Unemployment rate of Richmond is about 6.2%.  Skills in customer support, finance, distribution of goods, and manufacturing are in demand.  The top hiring companies do business in the areas of technology, manufacturing and financial services.
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:  The unemployment rate of Oklahoma City is about 4.9%.  Technicians, engineers, assemblers and administrators are in demand.  The top hiring companies are in the business of aviation, aerospace, biotechnology and logistics.

The cities mentioned above have the potential of hiring more people. If you are a new graduate, you should use this list as a starting point. You should expand your job search beyond these cities in order to increase your chance of getting job.

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