10 Best Ways to Buy Cheap Books



At the end of each semester, students sell their books at their college book store for a very little money. You can contact students you know and tell them that you are interested to buy their books. You can also put an advertisement in your college bulletin board (if allowed) with title such as “Books Wanted”.   This process may enable you to purchase books at a deep discounted price.

Rent books from Chegg

It is cheaper to rent books from buying from a regular book store. If you rent books from Chegg, you may be able to save up to 80 percent on text books. Returning your rented books is free, they provide return stamp when you rent.


Amazon is the biggest market place for text books or any other books. Book sellers partner with amazon to sell their used or new books. Anybody can sell books at Amazon. If you are patient and spend enough time, you should be able to buy books from Amazon at a very reasonable price.  In general, the price of books does not go down quickly. You should be able to sell your book again at Amazon at about the same price you paid.


Ebay is another place where you can buy books at discounted price. The online auction site has a very good search engine to find books easily. They display sellers’ ratings which are based on user input. If you buy books from a seller whose rating is 95 to 100, you should get a reliable source of books.


This online store is a part of Ebay. They sell items at deep discount price. You should be able find your text books at a low price at half.com, another company of Ebay.


This online facility offers a search tool that finds books from multiple book sellers and shows you the cheapest sellers. You can also sell your books through them.

Half Price Books

As the name implies you can find used books at this book store at half price or sometimes even at lower price. They have stores in many cities in the United States. They also buy books.

Campus Library

Your college campus library may have a copy of the book you need. Check with your librarian and give the details of the book. Remember to check before your semester starts. If you find the book, borrow the book for extended period of time. This way you may get a book for free.


It is an online bookstore for buying and selling books. Look for your books and see if you are getting a good price.

Comparison Shopping

Last of all, they are a lot of websites that offer price comparison information. Here are some onlines sites for comparing book prices: textbookspyder.com, campusbooks.com, and booksprice.com.

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