How to Save Money on Food if You have Food Allergy

In America, the average annual cost of food for one person is about $6,000. It is a significant amount of money. If somebody is allergic to certain food, it may raise the annual cost of food.  People with food allergy may use some tricks to keep the cost of food lower.  You may follow the following options to save money on food.

  • Make your list:  Being allergic to food items requires careful attention to food items. Make a detailed list of food that is fit for you.  This will allow you to locate your food items easily.  The list will serve as a quick guide for finding stores where you can get your groceries.
  • Signup for online deals:  Groupon or Livingsocial are two frequency used websites that offer deals on food every day.  You may be able to find food at 50% of original price.
  • Local farmers market:  Visit your local farmers market and locate your favorite farmer who sells your food items at cheaper or reasonable price.  If you keep contact with this farmer, you will be able to get food items with less effort.
  • Manufacturers’ website:   Visit manufacturers’ website to find deals and coupons. Some manufacturers have online coupons that you can print and use in your local stores.   Also, signup for email reminders.
  • Stock up:  Buy a lot of grocery items whenever your favorite food item goes on sale. Depending on the food item, you need to use proper preservation mechanism to keep the food item for an extended time.
  • Grow your own food:   If you like gardening, you are in luck.  Learn to grow food at your home or a friend’s home.  You will be able to grow vegetables and fruits that you are not allergic to.  This will also save you money.

If you are allergic to certain foods, you may have tougher time in finding your food items at reasonable price.  We think that if you follow the ideas presented above, you will be able to find your food items easily and at low cost.


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