Saving Money by Reducing Sugary Items and Bottled Water

Many of us spend a lot of money in grocery items that we can live without. Items like coffee, soft drinks, cookies, cakes, and bottle water can be avoided or reduced in amount. Here are some thoughts that you can use to avoid or reduce these grocery items:

  • Health issues: Many studies show that drinks or food containing too much sugar is not good for health. In general, tap water is as good as bottled water. If you consume less of these items, you will not miss any nutritional value.  A recent ABC news report links deaths to sugary drinks.
  • Make drinks at home: Try to make healthier drinks at home. You can make coffee with no or less sugar. Homemade lemonade is a good drink that you can enjoy. Making drinks at home will save you money.
  • Make cookies and cakes at home: Use healthy ingredients to make cookies or cakes at home.

If you use the steps mentioned above, you may get a picture why you need to reduce buying soft drinks and bottled water. If you use less of the items listed above, you will save you money.

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