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How to Get Free Auto Insurance Claim Report for Your Car

What is a C.L.U.E.  report?  It stands for Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange report.  It is basically a auto insurance claim history report. This report includes a seven year history of losses associated to an insured property such as a car

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10 Hidden Discounts on Auto Insurance

In general, your insurance agent may not voluntarily offer you the following discounts. You should always ask for discounts to save money. Mileage discount:  Ask your insurance company if you qualify. They will ask you your yearly driving mileage. Safe

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Save Money in Buying Health Insurance

Health insurance is very important to us. Almost all the families buy health insurance if they can afford. Here are some steps you can follow to lower your health insurance premium and save money: Exclude family members: If you and

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Save Money in Buying Auto Insurance

You can save money if you take some easy steps before you buy insurance for your car. Here are some items you may consider to get a good deal: Combine auto and home insurance: If you combine your auto and

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Save Money in Buying Home Insurance

Almost every homeowner in USA buys home insurance. There are a lot of companies who offer homeowners insurance policy. Here are some steps that you can use to save money on your homeowner insurance:   Increase deductible: If you raise

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Save Money in Insuring Your Old Vehicles

If you are driving an old car that is fully paid, you are in no obligation of keeping all options offered by your insurance company. Some of the vehicles loose their value rapidly. If you check the book value of

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