Save Money in Buying Auto Insurance

You can save money if you take some easy steps before you buy insurance for your car. Here are some items you may consider to get a good deal:

    • Combine auto and home insurance: If you combine your auto and home insurance, you may get a discount. Ask the companies how much discount you will get and record it for each company.
    • Contact state insurance agency: Your state insurance agency should be able to give you a list of insurance companies with ratings and premium rates.
    • Higher deduction: Based on your comfort level raise the amount of deduction. The higher the deduction, the lower the insurance cost.
    • Drop comprehensive and collision coverage on old vehicle: If your automobile is too old, there is reason why you should pay for comprehensive coverage. You may spend more in insurance than the price of the car.
    • Exclude medical coverage: Ask your car insurance company if you are covered in case of an auto accident. If they cover you, you do not need to get medical coverage from your auto insurance.
    • Exclude add-on coverage: Insurance companies will try to charge you for minor items such as key, paint, windshield wiper, etc. In general, you can safely exclude them and save some money.
    • Discounts: Insurance companies offer discounts for good students, safe drivers and safety items in the vehicles. Ask the insurance companies what discounts they can offer you.

Make a detailed list of companies with their premium rates and coverage offerings. Compare similar offerings and select a company with good rating.

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