How to Save Money on Organic Food

Many people in America are choosing organic food as a healthy alternative to regular grocery store food.  However, in general, organic food is very costly.  The cost of organic food is sometimes three times more than that of regular food. The Whole Foods Market seems to be the only big player in organic food market.  However, according to recent news, this trend is going to change.  Here are some ideas where you may get organic food at reasonable price. Read more ›

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How to Save Money on Food if You have Food Allergy

In America, the average annual cost of food for one person is about $6,000. It is a significant amount of money. If somebody is allergic to certain food, it may raise the annual cost of food.  People with food allergy may use some tricks to keep the cost of food lower.  You may follow the following options to save money on food.

  • Make your list:  Being allergic to food items requires careful attention to food items. Make a detailed list of food that is fit for you.  This will allow you to locate your food items easily.  The list will serve as a quick guide for finding stores where you can get your groceries. Read more ›
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How to Buy Cheap Clothes

We cannot live without clothes. The prices of clothes can be very high. Our financial health is not allowing us to buy proper dress required by work places. We think that if you follow the steps mentioned below, you will be able to buy clothes at a very highly discounted price.

  • Goodwill store:  Visit a Goodwill store near you. You will be able to buy very high quality clothes at very cheap price. Sometimes you will be able to buy a cloth which sells for 80 dollars at regular sores for 5 dollars. Keep in mind that clothes in Goodwill stores are used.  However, our experience tells us that sometimes you can get cheap clothes which have rarely been used. Read more ›
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10 Best Cities for Job Opportunity in 2013

If you are looking for jobs in 2013, you must be wondering which cities you need to focus on. According to Forbes and Adecco staffing, the 10 best cities for jobs seekers are the following:

  • Bethesda, Maryland, Metro:  The unemployment rate in this city is about 5.2%.  Accounting, food service, hospitality, and specialty trade are in demand.  Hospitality, construction, and healthcare are at the top in terms of hiring. Read more ›
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5 Ways to Benefit from Internship Program

If you are considering an internship, you may wonder how it is going to help your future.  The internship program is beneficial both for employers and employees.   Here are some ways how a student can benefit from an internship program.

  • Earn Money: Internship will give you opportunity to earn some money that you can use for your education. Read more ›
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How to Get Free Courses from MIT, Harvard and Berkeley University

Do you know that MIT, Harvard and Berkley University are offering free courses?  If you want to continue to learn from good schools, you can.  Sharpening you skills is one of the best ways to remain fit for the job market.  Most employers like job candidates who show desire to learn.  If you list courses from good universities, it may increase your chance of getting a job. Read more ›

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