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Saving Money by Upgrading or Downgrading Cell Phone Plan

Your current cell phone plan may not be the right one at this time. You may be able to save some money if you make proper adjustment on your plan. Here are some ways how you can decide what you

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How to Avoid Paying Verizon’s Convenience Fee

    Verizon wireless will charge a convenience fee of two dollars if a customer makes single bill payments over the phone or online. This fee will be effective on January 15, 2012. According to Verizon’s statement, you can avoid

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Saving Money by Rejecting Cell Phone Insurance or Warranty

Cell phone insurance is a waste of your money in most of the cases.  You should avoid getting cell phone insurance for the following reasons. High insurance cost: A cell phone may cost you from $20 to $500. The insurance

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How to Save Money by Rejecting Long-Term Cell Phone Plan

Currently, there are many cell phone service providers and many types of cell phone plans. Cell phone plans include pay-as-you-go, prepaid and long-term contract. Almost all mobile phone companies will try to sell you a long-term contract because most of

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