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Top 5 Cash Reward Credit Cards 2013

Credit card companies are always changing their cask back rewards programs. As of June 8, 2013 we found the following top cash reward credit cards. If you use them wisely and follow terms and conditions closely, you will earn a

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5 Easy Steps for Saving Money Quickly

Saving money takes discipline, motivation and hard work. Here are five easy steps that you can use to save money fast. List absolute necessary items:  Housing, food, transportation, medical and education costs are absolutely necessary for anybody.  Other costs may

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10 Hidden Discounts on Auto Insurance

In general, your insurance agent may not voluntarily offer you the following discounts. You should always ask for discounts to save money. Mileage discount:  Ask your insurance company if you qualify. They will ask you your yearly driving mileage. Safe

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10 Best Ways to Buy Cheap Books

Students At the end of each semester, students sell their books at their college book store for a very little money. You can contact students you know and tell them that you are interested to buy their books. You can

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Saving Money by Upgrading or Downgrading Cell Phone Plan

Your current cell phone plan may not be the right one at this time. You may be able to save some money if you make proper adjustment on your plan. Here are some ways how you can decide what you

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Save Money in Buying Health Insurance

Health insurance is very important to us. Almost all the families buy health insurance if they can afford. Here are some steps you can follow to lower your health insurance premium and save money: Exclude family members: If you and

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